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5 Reasons why you should buy our stickers

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100% Wine, Water & Weatherproof

Our stickers have been tested in harsh Canadian winter as well as in the dry and hot Osoyoos Summer.

Our laminated vinyl is rated for five years of intensive outside use.

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Cut to Shape

Most print shops hate cutting to shape... they would rather cut the layer of peeling vinyl and give you rectangle stickers.

At Hedgehog Designs we believe that cutting the backing to shape elevates the uniqueness of your stickers.

It makes it more difficult to manufacture but we like living a life of risks. *Insert emoji with sunglasses*

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Made in Canada

Our small business was born in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada.

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Bubble Release Technology

We always use premium vinyl that incorporates bubble release technology.

This comes in the form of a diamond shaped grid on the back of the sticker that allows for the air to escape as you apply them.

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Fast Shipping within Canada and to the USA

Our office is located a few miles from the US border.

We have the ability to ship orders to the USA from Oroville, Washington.

We have the huge advantage of being able to ship to both countries extremely swiftly and cost effectively.

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